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Curating leadership skills in each of our students is fundamental to Calvary's curriculum. Calvary students are taught how to take their learnings out into the world and do something with them.

Leaders Grow and Reach

Even our youngest students learn the impact of a firm handshake, eye contact, and a friendly greeting. Beginning in Transitional Kindergarten, Calvary students are charged with the privilege of greeting every visitor that comes to the classroom, giving each student the opportunity to develop his/her interpersonal skills.

Leaders Take Risks

Through Calvary’s integrated Theater Arts curriculum and core classroom curriculum, students in all grades have an opportunity to perform throughout the year in grade level plays, multiple musical productions, and a school-wide poetry contest.

Leaders Look to the Future

Calvary’s offering of middle school exploratory classes, such as Entrepreneurship & Technology, Leadership, and Public Speaking provide students an opportunity to develop their influence and management styles. Calvary’s alumni boasts a strong list of students who hold leadership positions in their high schools and colleges and pursue careers in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Leaders Give Back

An emphasis on serving others as leaders is integrated into our academic and enrichment classes. Initiating efforts to raise awareness and support for their areas of interest and study, our students have the opportunity to give back and make a difference.