School Life

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program at Calvary is designed to expand students’ learning beyond the core curriculum. Providing a secure platform and professional instruction to develop effective art skills, the program engages students to see what they look at, hear what they listen to, and feel what they touch. Through small group and hands-on instruction, students will broaden their understanding and elicit excitement for the many wonderful applications of art and design.

The goal of the Fine Arts curriculum is to create individual portfolios showcasing a broad range of artistic skills and mediums as the children, beginning in Transitional Kindergarten, advance through their years at Calvary. In addition to the traditional art skill sets of drawing, painting and ceramics, students receive instruction in digital drawing, architecture, textiles (hand sewing, felt work, weaving, embroidery and cross stitch), set design, and graphic arts. Artistic exploration through photography and iPad photography is also offered, teaching composition and history of photography as both an art form and a commercial practice.

The Fine Arts Department also collaborates with the Academic Resource Center to enhance the focused cultural arts studies program and weave the visual art component into the learning of a new culture.
Our dedicated art facilities complement our commitment to celebrating creativity and discovery through the Arts.
The majority of art projects at Calvary Christian School culminate with an exhibition in the Fine Arts Studio, innovatively designed and built to showcase students’ work. While the monthly art shows display student work and group projects, they also provide students with a view into the commercial side of the art world. Students have an opportunity to put some of their pieces up for auction, giving the students the chance to earn a commission, determine where they would like to donate their earnings, and grow in their understanding of commerce and philanthropy.

In middle school, students are offered a variety of exploratory classes in fine arts in order to build on their fine arts foundation and to provide the students opportunities to explore a subject matter and skill on a deeper, more intricate level. Exploratory classes include Fashion Design (with a focus on costume history, pattern cutting and sewing machines), Skateboard Design (with a focus on woodshop and technical elements), Intensive Drawing, Art History and Painting, Ceramics, and Photography.