School Life

Music Program

Calvary’s Music Program is designed to expose students to a rich variety of active music-making experiences and quality music instruction.
During applied instructional time, Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade students learn to read and write music, play a wide variety of instruments, and develop their vocal skills preparing for three large choral performances each year.  

Throughout their time at Calvary, students will learn to play a range of percussion instruments, ethnic instruments, recorder, keyboard, guitar, and hand chimes (bells).  Vocally, students learn to sing in rounds, 2-3 part harmony, and songs from around the world, including singing in foreign languages. Because of Calvary’s uniquely small performing arts classes, students are allowed to showcase their abilities in each class period and have a very individualized learning experience.

Middle school students are offered exploratory classes through the Music Program to build on the musical foundation laid in Elementary School and help expand their musical knowledge into areas of specific interest. Some of these classes include Guitar; Sound, Design and Film Editing; Middle School Musicals; Chapel Band and Orchestra.
Calvary’s Music Program also offers orchestra and choir as after-school programs for students interested in pursuing applied instrumental studies and developing their voices. Repeated participation in these ensembles allows students to develop their talents to a more advanced level with students from across various grade levels.