Elementary School

Elementary School Welcome

At Calvary Christian School, we pride ourselves in our unwavering commitment to our students. Our goal is to create and nourish a culture in which our students’ entire educational experience is nurtured. Elementary students feel valued and challenged while learning through a rich academic curriculum. Our students are emboldened to think critically as they develop the ability to succeed and lead through strong academic rigor and a moral foundation based on Christian values. It is this unique blend of academic and spiritual development, fostered from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade, which allows students to grow into leaders who are prepared to meet the challenges of the future and have an impact on our world.

We thank you for taking the time to explore Calvary Christian School and encourage you to learn all you can about the rich programs we offer. It is our sincere belief that there is no better environment to nurture academic and moral growth in preparation for the future than at Calvary Christian School. We hope you will see the dynamic learning environment we have created to prepare our students to meet the academic and social opportunities they will face in Elementary School and beyond. Students experience the best core curriculum available and develop a rich understanding of the arts, technology, and physical education from teachers who are trained in cutting-edge educational techniques and strategies. 

Beyond the academic and creative advantages of sending your precious son or daughter to Calvary, it is essential you know how important your child is to us. Throughout our history, Calvary's small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and commitment to biblical values have created a culture where meeting and exceeding the individual needs of every student is fundamental.

As we know, preparing kids for the future is not simply about educating them, but also about cultivating the moral, social, and emotional growth, and strong sense of self necessary to become a truly impactful leader in our world.  Thank you so much for considering Calvary Christian School. We know this is an incredibly important decision, and we look forward to sharing more about Calvary with you. 

Erin Ahders
Elementary School Head

A Message from Our Elementary School Head

Academics in a Private School Setting

Our Elementary School program provides each child with an exceptional private education that combines academic excellence with the development of Christian values. Calvary’s developmental academic program, extensive enrichment classes, nurturing environment, small class sizes, and extra-curricular activities combine to provide opportunities for each student to develop his or her personal best academically, physically, and spiritually.

All students at Calvary Christian School expand their knowledge beyond the core subjects through classes in art, music, drama, technology, Bible, foreign language, and physical education. All of these classes are taught by specialists who are experts in their fields. Calvary boasts state-of-the-art facilities including complete computer and science labs, a beautiful sanctuary, a deluxe artificial turf sports field, and fine and performing arts studios.

Additionally, after school programs are offered which give students the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects designed to enrich their educational experience. A wide variety of classes are offered including performing arts and technology programs, taekwondo, cooking, chess, Lego robotics, golf, and homework helpers.


Homework is assigned for the purpose of reinforcing, extending, and/or strengthening skills previously taught in class. It is intended to develop academic self-discipline and self-motivation. Homework is the student's responsibility. In some cases, parents may need to give assistance.

Approved time allocations for assigned homework based on the average student are as follows:
First Grade 15 minutes per school night
Second Grade 20 minutes per school night
Third Grade 30 minutes per school night
Fourth Grade 40 minutes per school night
Fifth Grade 50 minutes per school night

Additionally, students should read 15 minutes per night, Monday through Thursday.


Students are assessed in academic proficiency as well as work habits and personal development. In first grade through third grade, students are assessed on individual achievement and proficiency, based on Calvary grade-level expectations for academic achievement (a numeric system outlined below), in addition to work habits and personal development grades.

In fourth and fifth grades, students earn academic letter grades, as well as work habit and personal development grades. Grades for work habits and personal development are determined for each student individually and independently of academic achievement. 

Grading Scale

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Field Trips

Calvary seeks to provide students with field trip opportunities that enrich our academic and spiritual goals and inspire greater interest in learning and service. Students enjoy educational experiences such as aquariums, the science centers, and historic locations that directly relate to classroom studies. Additionally, students in each grade level take community service field trips connected to their ministry of service.