Discover Calvary

Why Calvary?

Calvary is a beautiful seven-acre campus nestled in the hillside, one mile off the Pacific coast. Yet, the Calvary campus is a blank canvas that is only brought to life by the wonderful students, staff, and families that make up the heart and soul of our community. Student life at Calvary is replete with opportunities in the classroom and beyond the classroom walls. Calvary students are encouraged to explore and pursue their unique interests and passions, whether those passions exist in the academic realm, on the sports field, in the art studio, in the middle of the stage, in the orchestra, to the side of the stage, or at a computer or iPad far from the field or the stage.

At the heart of student life at Calvary Christian School is our mission, which promotes academic excellence and the development of Christian values in order to prepare students to live a life defined by leadership and service. Calvary’s students are brimming with interests and high achievements as they conduct themselves with love, integrity, faith, and humility – and develop into tomorrow’s leaders nourished by everlasting friendships, the support of an incredible faculty, and the love of the Lord.