School Life

After School Program

The Calvary Christian School After School Program is offered to enrolled students in Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade. There are 3 sessions during the school year. Classes will be offered Monday through Friday.  ASP runs from 3:00 to 4:15 pm, and a snack is provided. A variety of classes are offered including sports, homework clubs, Accelerated Reader, performing arts and technology programs, chess, Lego robotics, and more! 

Classes are an hour long, with carpool beginning at 4:15 and ending at 4:30. You can pick up your child in the Preschool parking lot beginning at 4:15.

Please contact Shay Talboys with any questions.


Cougar Club is offered Monday through Friday!

Cougar Club is offered as a flexible after-school program for TK-8th Grade students. Cougar Club provides after-school care Monday through Friday until 5:00. This is the perfect opportunity for children to do homework and have some extra study time on an as-needed basis. Please note, there will be adult supervision and some homework help, but tutoring services will not be provided during Cougar Club.  Younger children and older children will be in designated areas to allow for study time and play time in age-appropriate ways. You can buy a Cougar Club Pass for each trimester for $550 per child, or for the full year for $1500. We hope this eases the afternoon schedule for working parents and those who have children participating in different activities.  Please contact Ale Gomez with any questions.  Click links below to register now.

ASP Dates

Our three ASP Sessions for the 2023-2024 school year:
  • Session 1 begins September 11th 
    • 10-week session, most classes are $315
  • Session 2 begins January 8th
    • 8-week session, most classes are $250
  • Session 3 begins March 25th
    • 8-week session, most classes are $250


Class Name: Science: Geology Rocks!
Teacher: Ms. Daniela (Preschool Assistant Teacher)
Grade Levels: K-3rd
Put your Earth Science skills to the test as you make your very own rock while learning the process of how crystals and geodes are formed. Explore the past with fossils and think about the future with magnets. Study the science of geysers and volcanoes as you build your very own that erupt!

Class Name: Ribbons on top!
Teacher: Yolanda Marques (1st Grade Assistant Teacher)
Grade Levels: 1st-5th
For all arts and crafts and drawing enthusiasts out there, creativity awaits! We are not only going to create art, but use our art! We’ll start by turning plain white paper into beautiful wrapping paper. We are going to use our cutting and folding skills and a few math skills to create amazing package designs topped off with paper flowers, folded butterflies and of course, a few ribbons on top! We'll learn how to fold our own gift bags, create gift tags and design the perfect note cards. We’ll fold envelopes with fun designs and might just finish it off with a sprinkle of glitter! Let’s get creative!!

Class Name: Calvary Robotics Team
Teacher: Mr. Rapo (Innovation Teacher)
Grade Levels: 2nd-8th 
Come participate in an exciting adventure here at Calvary by joining Calvary’s Robotics Team! Students will develop skills in programming, communication, planning and executing, teamwork, and research. Your child will engage in challenging and age-appropriate projects, learning about robotics, engineering, and programming, all while playing with Legos. They will build awesome robots and make them come to life, culminating in a Battle of the Bots! Kids will also get a Calvary Robotics league t-shirt to wear during Spirit Days! 
Maximum 20 participants.


Class Name: Basketball Prep and Training
Teacher: Coach Coffey (PE Teacher)
Grade level: TK-5th grade 
Basketball season is here! Kids will have the opportunity to learn, practice, play, and improve their basketball skills. First-timers are welcome! This class is for those who enjoy the fun of playing the game!

Class Name: Beast Math Academy
Teacher: Mrs. Parks (2nd Grade Teacher)
Grade Levels: 1st-5th
Utilizing the Beast Academy online learning platform, this class will encourage your child to build their creative and critical mathematical thinking skills through complex problem solving, puzzles, and games. This class will provide students with engaging and rigorous math enrichment opportunities that are sure to support their development and mastery in math. This class is not traditional skill and drill but focuses on logic and problem solving.

Class name: Volleyball Stars
Teacher: Mrs. Peak (Middle School Math Teacher)
Grade Level: 1st-5th 
Day of the week: Tuesdays 
In Volleyball Stars, elementary school kids embark on an exciting journey into the world of volleyball. Through interactive discussions, engaging demonstrations, and a variety of drills and mini-games, participants learn the basics of serving, passing, setting, and hitting while enhancing agility, reaction time, and teamwork. With a focus on skill mastery, progressive challenges, and fun competitions, this ASP fosters a love for the game, promotes teamwork, and celebrates the progress of each young athlete. Join us for an unforgettable experience of growth, learning, and fun on the volleyball court!

Class name: Pickleball Club
Teacher: Ms. Claire Chadwick (Preschool Assistant Teacher)
Grade Level: 3rd-5th
The sport that’s taken the nation by storm is headed to Calvary. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, come join us. We’ll run drills and games each week. Bring your best game face and paddle and don’t forget to stay out of that kitchen!
Class name: AR Reading! 
Teacher: Mrs. Blackwood (1st Grade Teacher)
Grade Levels: 1st-3rd Grade
Day of the week: Tuesdays
At Calvary we use a reading program called Accelerated Reader (AR) in grades 1-5. This class is the perfect opportunity for your child to become familiar with our AR program and become an expert at taking quizzes on books they've read. It is also a great chance for kids who want to get ahead and need time to take extra quizzes! This class will boost your child’s confidence in reading and allow them to practice independent reading in a relaxing and motivating environment. 


Class name: Games! Games! Games!
Teacher: Ms. Laura Ann (Preschool 3 Teacher)
Grade Levels: TK-2nd
Board games, card games, dice games, memory games.... Games are useful not only to strengthen problem-solving skills and build teamwork, but they also help develop counting, adding, spelling, and memory skills! They build confidence and all along the way are FUN! We hope you will join us for GAME TIME! 

Class Name: CCS Cougars Cheerleading Squad
Teachers: Michelle Boehle (Cheer Mania) & Ms. Susan (1st Grade Assistant Teacher)
Grade Levels: 1st-5th
Calling all cheerleaders, gymnasts, performers and anyone with SCHOOL SPIRIT! Get ready to shake your pom poms and cheer for your team! Cheerleaders will learn proper cheer technique, create official Calvary school cheers, work on teamwork, while mastering stunts, tumbling and having a BLAST! Possible performances include Spirit Day and performing at a sports game!
Class Name: Calvary Drone League (New to Calvary!)
Teacher: Mr. Rapo (Innovation Teacher)
Grade Levels: 6th-7th
The Aerial Drone League offers an exciting educational drone sporting event that focuses on hands-on, student-centered learning. Teams learn about drones, flight principles, programming, documentation and communication skills while expanding their understanding and building interest for Drone-related workforce and career opportunities. Teams will compete in local and national competitions where students work together to complete four missions.
Maximum 10 participants.


Class Name: Baseball Spring Training 
Teacher: Coach Coffey (PE Teacher)
Grade level: TK-5th
Baseball season is here! Kids will have the opportunity to learn, practice, play, and improve their baseball skills. First-timers are welcome! This class is for those who enjoy the fun of playing the game!
Class name: TGA Tennis
Teacher: TGA Sports Coach & Ms. Susan (1st Grade Assistant Teacher)
Grade Level: K-2nd
TGA Tennis combines athletics, academics, and life lessons for a fun and educational experience. Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, forehand, backhand, volley, and serve.  Students participate in STEAM activities that allow them to explore academic concepts like gravity, force, and spin through the game.
Please Note- The class rate is $300. 

Class Name: Minecraft
Teacher: Mr. Rapo (Innovation Teacher)
Grade Levels: 1st-5th
Come participate in group Minecraft where players can collaborate with friends here at school as they build towns, cities, theme parks, stadiums, and other worlds! Mr. Rapo has full control over the content and interactions of all the players because it is Minecraft Edu (a platform for educators).
Maximum 20 participants.

Class Name: Chess with Mr. Ruff
Teacher: Mr. Ruff (Art Teacher)
Grade Levels: 1st-8th 
We will lead an afternoon chess class for grades 1-8. Chess teaches students how to analyze, to plan and to perform, both over the board and in real life. The students learn how to concentrate, how to think ahead, how to solve complex problems, and how to make difficult decisions—all valuable life skills.