Middle School

Middle School Welcome

It is a joy each day to walk on campus and see bright, energetic, and hard-working students. Calvary Christian School provides excellent education through a challenging, caring, and balanced program, which promotes intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. 

In Calvary's Middle School, students are challenged to approach subjects in greater depth to reinforce their love of learning and refine their critical thinking skills. Through our rigorous and challenging curriculum, they begin to develop a more disciplined practice of study habits and time management, preparing them for success in high school and beyond. 

We know that adolescents learn best when they have strong bonds with their teachers and other adults in their lives. Calvary's Middle School teachers are accessible, nurturing, and loving professionals who are devoted to helping each student become respectful, develop strong work habits, learn to take risks, and approach life with love, faith, humility, and integrity. In addition to this, Calvary is committed to cultivating an environment where kids feel safe, respected, and appreciated for the gifts and strengths that make them unique. 

All middle school students are encouraged to participate in student life through sports, theater arts, computer science, and leadership opportunities. Through emphasizing critical analysis and logical thinking throughout the curriculum, middle school students are prepared for an increasingly challenging and probing academic future.

Middle School is a challenging time for young people. Calvary Christian School's nurturing environment and devoted teaching staff encourages students to become self-reliant, independent, and morally strong, so that they are prepared for high school and the freedoms that await them after they graduate.

Dave Ludwig
Middle School Head

A Message from Our Middle School Head

Middle School Academics

Calvary Middle School students experience a challenging academic curriculum in a private setting, while also beginning to better understand the relationships between various disciplines. All students expand their knowledge beyond the core subjects through exploratory classes in art, music, technology, engineering, leadership, drama, and physical education.

Leadership skills are essential to the work of building our country's future. As we guide our students' development, we continually encourage them to be responsible, creative leaders and to use their academic skills and Christian values to better our world. Calvary Christian School strives to foster excellence in our students and prepare them for life after Middle School through leadership, character development, critical thinking skills, core academic skill base, and faith.

Calvary’s outstanding faculty is committed to providing opportunities for students to grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically.


Homework is assigned for the purpose of reinforcing, extending, and/or strengthening skills previously taught in class. It is intended to develop academic self-discipline and self-motivation. Homework is the student's responsibility.

Approved time allocations for assigned homework based on the average student are 90 minutes per school night for sixth grade and 120 minutes per school night for seventh and eighth grades.


Middle school students receive grades in all subject areas, including academic grades as well as citizenship and effort grades. Grades for citizenship and effort are determined for each student individually and independently of academic achievement.

Grading Scale 6th – 8th grades

100-94%  A       76-74%    C      
93-90% A- 73-70% C-
89-87% B+ 69-67% D+
86-84% B 66-64% D
83-80% B- 63-60% D-
79-77% C+ 59% F

Middle School Exploratories

The Exploratory Classes for middle school students add breadth to Calvary’s education. Through the exploration of the arts, technology, music, leadership, speech, sports and drama, students dramatically improve their talents through exposure and hands-on experience.

Each trimester students experience a different exploratory subject and will take an intensive 10-week course. The combination of talented teachers, student-centered learning, and tremendous facilities makes Calvary's Middle School a place for students to experience the joy of art, music, technology, and communication and leadership skills, and to grow richly in their creative endeavors.
Examples of exploratory classes include: iMovie, Documentary Filmmaking, Photography, Guitar, Ceramics, Environmental Science, Theater and Leadership.

Educational Field Trips

All of these activities are planned to help students bond and build relationships in an educational, yet relaxed and enjoyable setting.

  • 6th graders spend three days Pali Institute in the San Gabriel Mountains where they experience a thoroughly enriching science program and the thrills of an outdoor adventure course.
  • 7th graders travel to Santa Barbara where they tent camp, learning how to set up their own camp, enjoy a kayaking adventure, and explore other team-building activities.
  • 8th graders spend three days in Ojai at a team-building retreat, including a high ropes course. Additionally, they culminate their 8th Grade year with a week in Washington D.C. and New York City learning all about the history and government of this great nation.